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Frankincense has therapeutic and healing properties and if often used in aromatherapy. The stems, roots and leaves of the plant are used to make an oil, often referred to as olibanum. The plant has been used for a variety of health issues including relief of chronic stress and anxiety, pain, inflammation and more. Recently, frankincense has been studied for cancer-killing potential.

Frankincense as Cancer Killer

Frankincense is from the Boswellia tree which commonly grows in Pakistan and Somalia. The tree is unique because it can grow in little soil with a dry and desolate climate. The tree is also native to India. The name means ‘quality essence’ in French, and has been used in many religions including Christianity.

Frankincense is a powerful substance that has been prized in healing for many years and millennia. Recent studies have determined that frankincense may have impressive abilities to inhibit cancer cell production without harming regular healthy cells. Frankincense stimulates the production of white blood cells which in tune supplements the immune system allowing the body to fight invaders.

Researchers are seeking alternatives to chemotherapy treatment which indiscriminately kills cancer and healthy cells leaving the body more susceptible to invaders. Chemotherapy can damage white blood cells and can suppress the efficiency of the immune system.

The frankincense resin is gathered from Boswellia trees and has been used for thousands of years as perfume. Frankincense was one of the biblical gifts delivered at the birth of Jesus, and has clearly been a long prized scent and healing herb.

Studies are currently examining the efficacy of frankincense for cancer and tumor treatment and as immunotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma and inflammatory cancers. Studies have found that frankincense oil triggers apoptosis or cell health in chemotherapy-resistant prostate cancers. Similar studies were found in cases of cervical cancer and with leukemia cells.
Frankincense oils can be used by inhalation or absorption through the skin. The oil is often diluted with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil. Large quantities of the oil can be toxic as the oils are highly concentrated and strong.

It is recommended to always purchase oils that are 100% pure essential oils rather than fragrance oils or perfume oils, which are frequently synthetic and cheap and will not have the same therapeutic benefits as a high quality and well sourced medicinal oil. Oils can also be purchased that combine different strains or locales of Boswellia trees for a unique herbal blend.

Frankincense as Cancer Killer

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