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Are you on a Quest for Balance? Then this article is for you. Yes, I made it exclusively for you. There are no accidents. Your intuition led you to it, so now you have to read it.

What balance are you looking for? Mental or Physical? They are inter – related.

Your brain brought you here….now read on….

The human body is an amazing organism. It is comprised of structure and form. It is the vessel of a human being.

It is composed of many different types of cells that together create tissues and organ systems. Your body is a self-healing organism. Whether with traditional forms of medicine or pure intent and will power.

Quest for Balance

Our physiology texts teach us that it is brilliantly equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that will heal a wound in seconds, kill cancer cells we produce, fight infections, repair broken proteins, keep our coronary arteries open and naturally fight the aging process. We also know that our autonomic nervous system has two major operating systems — the sympathetic nervous system, which produces the body’s stress response, also known as “fight or flight”; and the parasympathetic nervous system, which produces the body’s relaxation response, also known as “rest and digest.” This is our homeostatic state, when the body is in total equilibrium. Relaxed, functioning properly, calm, secure and confident.

Quest for Balance

Here’s what the Doctors don’t teach you. The body’s natural self-repair mechanisms are only fully functional when the nervous system is in total relaxation response.

Your body is trying to heal itself all the time. Cellular communication can be reestablished through changes in diet, environment, mental state and proper exposure to sunlight (among other things). A healthy body is one of balance, both mental and physical. Naturopaths believe that illness and injury are disruptions of your body’s normal state of equilibrium. The common naturopathic treatments deal with diet, lifestyle modification, herbal meds, and mind-body therapies (meditation, hypnosis, and etc.)

Quest for Balance

When your body is awake and active, its primary function is to process food, deliver nutrients to the appropriate organs and generate energy. When you are fed and rested, your body continues to work – it heals itself.

So, what if you could put down your medicine for awhile and do other things to help your body along? Lets give it a try. 

Everyone knows the body – mind connection is the key to survival. Your brain sends and receives information instantly. Your body also sends and receives vibrations instantly.

Quest for Balance

Surrounding your body is a light and fine body of energy that vibrates at a greater rate than those of our cells. This is your Aura. Aura is defined as each beings field of energy or light. Every person has an Aura (vibe) that comes in various colors called the spiritual colors of the Aura. These spiritual colors vary based on the state the Aura is in. Auras are capable of showing diseases and lack of health or imbalance in an individual. The Aura can be considered as a ‘mirror’ that reveals our present mental, physical and spiritual state.

Within your body, you have circular energy (your Chakra). This is a part of the ancient theories about physiology and psychic centers that emerged across traditions. The theory is that human life simultaneously exists in two parallel dimensions, one “physical body” and the other “psychological, emotional, mind, non-physical” (subtle body). The subtle body is energy, while the physical body is mass. The psyche or mind plane corresponds to and interacts with the body plane, and the theory suggests that the body and the mind mutually affect each other. The subtle body consists of nadi (energy channels) connected by nodes of psychic energy, called Chakra.

Quest for Balance

Many sources report this practice as ancient history, dating back at least 6,000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians are also referenced on such sites as being among the first people to have adorned themselves with crystals, rocks, stones and gemstones, not for glamour but for health. To ward off illness and negative energy.

In Hinduism there are seven major chakras, and in Tantra (practices outlined in later Hindu or Buddhist scriptures) there are four, each associated with a color, shape, sense organ, natural element, deity, and mantra.

Each main center is connected to our being on several different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On the physical level each Chakra governs a main organ or gland, which is then connected to other body parts that resonate the same frequency.

Every organ, gland and body system is connected to a chakra and each chakra is connected to a color vibrational frequency

Quest for Balance

If you have certain health and wellness issues, why not try to address them yourself?

If you feel overwhelmed with the information provided here. Start small. Intuitively select a Stone, Crystal or Gem. Perhaps you already have it in your sacred Jewelry Box? Or maybe, you’d like to select one that already has its Message carved in it?

Elements from Earth also have Vibrational frequencies and energy. You can use these Elements in your Prayers or Meditations Daily. Listed above, you will find the locations of your Chakra’s and which areas they affect. Ask yourself this, does this Stone I am holding give me a good vibe? If it does not, give it a cleansing. Rid it of any negative connotations (bad location, bad relationship, unknown feelings, spiritual attachment, etc.).

Quest for Balance

The following outlines some easy ways to Cleanse your stones: 

  1. Wash it gently with salt water or holy water.
  2. Leave it out overnight under the moonlight.
  3. Give it some sunlight.
  4. Place it under your pillow.
  5. Recite your favorite mantra or affirmation to it.

There is no clear right or wrong to cleanse your Token(s) of Divination. It is your Tool to aid you on your Spiritual Journey. You’ll know when you FEEL comfortable with it (or with them (multiple stones).

Quest for Balance

In the same way you use your Stones, you can use Essential Oils. As in Aroma Therapy or Food Therapy. 

Quest for Balance

I have outlined some useful infographics for your Reference. There are tons of resources Online for you as you begin your Quest for Health Solutions. 

Quest for Balance

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If you are interested in Understanding the different vibes of your stones, check Energy Muse for a full dictionary.

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Quest for Balance

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