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standard The Basic Principles of Reiki

Reiki is one of many methods that can be used to tap into limitlessness in order to bring healing to a person, place, or thing.

The Reiki Master does not give their own energy to whoever they are healing. Instead, they train themselves to act as a conduit for the abundant energy that already exists in every corner of the universe. In doing so, they are able to transfer this energy into whoever (or whatever) they are healing and the energy will naturally flow and do exactly what it needs to do.

Think of it like opening a window on a windy day. When a gust comes, the wind will blow into the room and there will be some new air circulating. If the window is shut, the air cannot enter. The Reiki Master opens up the window.

An important aspect of learning how to channel loving energy is learning the 5 Reiki Principles. These act as a way to bring emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing to your spirit so you can best assist others.

Dr. Mikao Usui, the man who helped to develop and spread the tradition of Reiki, came up with these beautiful and simple principles. There are a few different variations of the wording of these principles. Some choose to omit the “Just for today” portion, but I’d like to pay special attention to that bit in particular. “Just for today” allows you to shrug some weight off your shoulders and not focus on tackling everything at once. This is the source of so much stress in our world — we think we have to plan everything and rush around. If one thing feels good that must mean we’re forgetting something else!

There’s a time and place for stress. Over stressing is like over exfoliating the skin. A little is healthy, too much and you’re wearing yourself down. Sometimes it is better to focus on the little things.

Ask yourself “what can I do right now?” Not tomorrow or next Tuesday. Think of all the people in your life you are grateful for. Take some deep breaths. You are already practicing the Reiki Principles! Doesn’t it feel good?

The Principles do not get rid of existing issues but they do absolutely make it easier to cope and accept life on life’s terms. My friend Kim recently told me that every morning for 30 days she put a one minute timer on her phone and drew a little portrait of herself. She hung them all up on a board at the end of the month and felt very moved by the fact that such tangible results could come from only one minute a day.

The Basic Principles of Reiki

I asked her “Can you imagine what you could do with 3 or 5 minutes a day?” Just for today means that no matter what happens, I have made a sacred commitment to myself for the next 24 hours that will allow for as much peace and harmony as I let in. The future has not arrived yet, so all I can do is focus on being the best me that I can be in this present moment. We all slip into lower vibrational forms of being — anger, fear, carelessness, etc. Usually this happens when our reality is not matching whatever we think it should look like, when things are uncomfortable or “bad.” We think “are things supposed to be this way?”

It’s normal to think these thoughts, we’re all human. Reiki offers a different way to look at it that involves trusting in the universe. Whatever it is, you’ll get through it. Always remember to be kind to all beings, including yourself.


The Basic Principles of Reiki

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