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standard What is a Healthy Carb?

When choosing the right foods to eat on a diet, you need to look at healthy carbs, healthy fats, and lean protein. This might sound like some scientific mumbo jumpo, but when it comes to dieting, you can’t expect to eat pasta, bread, and tons of peanut butter and lose weight.

So, what exactly IS a “healthy carb” and why should you care?

By: Brittany Gossin

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What makes carbohydrates so necessary is that they give you energy for your every day things. Eating carbs fuels your workouts and fuels your body. Not enough carbs and you’ll feel tired and sluggish.
What is a Healthy Carb?
Ask someone doing Keto how they feel, and they will probably mention something about the Keto flu where their body feels like it was hit by a truck due to the lack of carbs. You need carbs. While you do need them, there is a such thing as a “bad carb” and a “good carb”.
Bad carbs are things like pasta, bread, french fries and other refined carbohydrates. A good carb looks like wheat bread, wheat pasta, carrots, spinach, zucchini, and brown rice.
What is a Healthy Carb?
When you’re dieting you want complex carbs because they take longer for your body to break down leaving you feeling full and satisfied longer. Simple carbs like regular pasta, and white bread do the opposite where you’ll have a quick burst of energy, but then feel hungry sooner than if you consumed complex carbs.
What is a Healthy Carb?
When you’re choosing your meals. it’s always good practice to get 45% to 65% of your daily calories from complex carbs. This leaves your body functioning at it’s best where you’re not over indulging.
Sticking to this rule can help with sustainable weight loss and not make you feel like you’re lacking in delicious foods.
Good Carbs for Breakfast:
Oatmeal and fruit
Wheat bread sugar free jelly
Whole grain english muffin
Good Carbs for Lunch:
A salad
Sandwich on whole grain bread
Whole wheat pasta with spinach
Good Carbs for Dinner:
Brown rice
Sweet Potatoes
Red skinned potatoes
Next time you’re out and are in need of a quick pick me up, remember to grab the healthy carbs! Your body will thank you later!

What is a Healthy Carb?

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